Restaurant Umenohana

Umenohana specializes in cuisine made from yuba(soy milk skin) and tofu, traditional Japanese foods that have become popular in the western world.
Our guests can experience meals of these Japanese delicacies in specious and beautiful surroundings.Umenohana restauraints and beautifully designed and appointed with traditional tableware and utensils for the pleasure of its guests.

Greetings from the President

Shigetoshi Umeno
Chairman and CEO

 The first Umenohana restaurant was established in 1976 as Kanishige,an eatery specializing in crab dishes,Located in Kurume-City in southern Japan,may wife and I worked together to open a chain of restaurants in the years following.
Encouraged by this success, we expanded the business line to cover Mongolian mutton barbecue and blowfish(fugu)dishes.
In time, however, these new ventures failed and this wasvery discouraging.

 Our day I was walking by temple and noticed a sign at the temple’s gate, starting that “Man should always be thankful for what he has.
“Although I had seen it many times before,I had never thought about its meaning.
I realized then that this attitude of thankfulness was lacking in me, and I began to understand how this feeling of “deism”is important in every aspect of our lives.

 An attitude of sincere gratitude towards people triggered the start of the Umenohana story.
Prioritizing the needs and desires of our guests in the key that has made Umenohana restaurants so popular among growing number of guests.
We serve primarily yuba and tofu dishes because these and pleasant to eat and healthful.

 In designing the restaurants, we have paid special attention to esthetic layouts and lighting, background music, and staff uniforms that blend with the overall decor of the restaurants, while creating themes reflecting the changing of the seasons.
When guests come to our restaurants, they experience delicious cuisine and also a refreshment of their spirits within the atmosphere that we provide.

 Many of our regular guests return to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions because they feel at home in our restaurants.
Over the years,Umenohana restaurants have been established in many locales and April 1999, our stock began to be listed on the public stock market.

 Our goal is to open 100 restaurants throughout Japan and in several locations oversea.
We will also serve Chinese and European cuisine in these establishments, as well as a wide selection of Japanese delicacies.We continue to expand our scope of activity to include other hospitality businesses that focus on health and healing.
In addition to our traditional Umenohana restaurants, where guests feel at home, they will find surprising experiences in our never Umenohana establishments.

Umenohana’s goals:Part Ⅰ Dishes

Greetings from the President

We strive to make dining at Umenohana an unforgettable experience,for first-time and repeat guests alike,by using the freshest ingredients in our continuously improving menus.

 Tofu has gained worldwide popularity. It is called”whitemeat”and is accepted as a food equivalent to animal meat by anever-increasing number of people. It is rapidly becoming the healthy choice in dining. Tofu is a healthful food when prepared from the purest ingredients and cooked properly. Our chefs take the finest quarity basic ingredients and create the most delicious and healthful dishes imaginable.

 We require our growers and suppliers to provide us with base materials that have not been poisoned with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so that Umenohana guests may enjoy foods free from contamination.
 Umenohana restaurants are now orerating in locations beyond Kyushu Island,as far away as the Kansai region and metropolitan Tokyo.This steady expansion is a result of our popularity with a rapiadly growing number of satisfied guests.Initially,it was challenging to unify the taste and appearance of cuisine in all of our restaurants,but thanks to the development of a network of centralized kitchens,this goal has been achieved.Foods prepared in these facilities are shipped daily to Umenohana restaurants,where they are arranged and served to our guests.

What Umenohana aims to achieve:Part Ⅱ Atmosphere

A phisical and emotional experience

Food nourishes our bodies,while our surroundings stimulate our senses and nourish our souls.Our restaurants provide a place whire family and friends can meet to enjoy an exquisite dining experience and great conversation.

 The Japanese have a special apprecation of the four seasons.Japan is blessed with distinguished seasons,and over the centuries society has developed foods,clothing and activities that are unique to each season.
Throughout the year,however,tofu and yuba can be enjoyed in different seasonal styles.Umenohana restaurants have raised this apprecation in a culinary sense to an art form,and many of our guests return to dine each season in order to enjoy many of our uniquely prepared foods.
 The decor of our restaurants reflects the restained beauty associated with Japanese culture.Flowers of the seasons are always displayed for our guests’ enjoyment,while table setting and lighting also reflect the particular season being portrayed.
Our guests can enjoy every aspect of fine dining-from the cuisine to taking pleasure in the atmosphere of the rooms or the quarity and beauty of individal serving dishes.All of these elements work together to create a pleasurable experience for all the senses,ensuring guests are satisfied and happy when they leave Umenohana.

Umenohana’s ultimate goal:Part Ⅲ Hospitality

Friendliness and personal touch

 Our concept of hospitality includes the raw materials and cooking method we enploy to prepare our cuisine,the attention we give to our restaurant interious, the tableware used to serve the food, and even our staffs attitude towards our guests.
All of these elements and important.
Our staff are dedicated to serving our special guests based on all of these elements while creating an atmosphere that in friendly yet sophisticated.

 We believe it is important to presure each encounter with our guests,as each encounter with our guests,as each time might be our last to serve that individal,and we make sure our guests take a wonderful memory with them when they leave.
These are Japanese poems that speak of this philosophy - where each dining experience becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be treated as such,each time special,each time unique.Living and working in the moment makes in possible for us to keep our level of service high at all times.Our staff members and trained in this philosophy and in the art of serving,the history of the tableware used to serve our cuisine,and apprecation of the fine art that decorates our restaurants.This knowledge aids them in conversing with guests,making the Umenohana experience even richer.